Property Tax Reform
  1.  As an elected Councilperson in Upper Darby, Barbarann opposed increases in local property taxes. In Harrisburg, Barbarann will fight to relieve the burden of property taxes, help keep people in their homes and attract new families to our district.
  2. Barbarann knows that we can accomplish property tax relief by fairly taxing natural gas extraction and closing corporate tax loopholes. Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation with an active drilling industry that does not require an extraction tax. Billions of dollars leave our state every year, yet a modest extraction tax of 4% could generate $1.2 billion annually dedicated to lower school taxes.
Reinvesting in Public Education
  1. Strong public schools are the foundation of our community. Barbarann knows that funding public schools primarily with local property taxes is unfair. In Harrisburg, Barbarann will work to to restore funding and lead the effort to make sure that every child has access to pre-k.
Good Government
  1. When Barbarann found out Township Council would not allow recording of public meetings, she brought in a video camera and was threatened by leadership to turn the camera off or be escorted out by police.


  1. In Harrisburg, Barbarann will fight to restore transparency with lobbyists and political donors and will press for a “No Budget, No Pay” policy for legislators.
An Economy that Works for Everyone
  1. We need to reinvest in our small business districts in order to create more good, local jobs. Barbarann supports requiring equal pay for equal work, paid family and sick leave and raising the minimum wage. These would not only strengthen our families, but would also help make workers more productive and boost our economy in the long run.

  2. Barbarann believes that everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or sex should be protected from discrimination in the workplace.
Environmental Sustainability
  1. Barbarann believes that we need to reinvest in our parks, and preserve precious open space. As a Board Member and Volunteer Coordinator for the Darby Creek Valley Association, Barbarann led clean-up efforts in Delaware County. At the state level, Barbarann will fight to maintain our clean air and water, strictly regulate fracking, and prevent commercial development in our state parks.
Elections and Redistricting Reform
  1. The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. We should be making it easier to vote. Early voting, no-fault absentee balloting, and same-day registration would go a long way to increasing voter participation.

  2. The current redistricting process is about the powerful maintaining their power. It allows politicians to pick their voters, not vice versa. Partisan redistricting entrenches extremists and causes gridlock, so that nothing gets done. Barbarann testified against the last redistricting plan. If elected, Barbarann would fight to end gerrymandering and empower an independent, non-partisan citizen redistricting commission to draw district boundaries.